increase in purchase intent
with mCanvas’ omnichannel ad creatives
surpassing your branding metrics
avg. click-through rate
avg. view-through rate
engagement rate
8-15 sec
avg. time spent

brief, bold, brilliant

mCanvas’ in-house creative team of experts collaborate with brands to transform concepts into captivating experiences.

From envisioning the brief to crafting impactful ads, mCanvas delivers immersive experiences that resonate with audiences, bringing brand stories to life across smart devices.

sensory storytelling at scale

Infuse interactive sensors & features for immersive brand storytelling, across smart devices.

‍Tap to Experience our sensory-first tech, right here!

premium access, diverse inventory

over 1BN users globally with ads that are not just seen, but experienced and remembered.

Get access to a premium range of robust publishers across industries that craft the perfect spot for ads to shine.

b2b focused
company revenue
specific company name
decision makers
experience of executive
behavioral marketing
buyer propensity
business owners
income group
OS + device
device price
device brand
connection speed
mobile carrier
screen resolution
operating system
real time
football live scores
battery life
cricket live scores
time based AQI

targeting, on point

our Granular, laser-focused targeting ensures that your brand message efficiently reaches a precise audience.

Choose from all-inclusive packages through programmatic guaranteed (PG) or managed deals help achieve elevated brand impact.

safety suite

mCanvas' internal dashboard guarantees a secure environment for brands, ensuring safety, security, and transparency.

Partnered with third-party privacy-first industry leaders for verified campaign tracking, brands can rest assured with additional layers of protection, with mCanvas.

engage, everywhere

choose from omnichannel solutions to elevate customer retention and future-proof ads for smart consumers.

48 – 72 hours turnaround time

50+ multi-channel ad creatives

elevated brand reach & awareness

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impact, beyond measure

Unlock measurable impact with brand lift studies, footfall attribution, viewability and user attention tracking, which ensures effectiveness of branding campaigns.

Reviewed by independent analysis experts, we elevate brands to new heights for scalable success.

performance alchemy; data-driven optimization

Extensively analyzing data, our in-house technical team optimizes campaigns for maximum impact.

  • Viewability: Improve on-screen %, in-view time, exposure time, in-time %, invalid traffic, and more via Oracle MOAT measurements.

  • Attention: Track attention per mile and related measures on websites & apps across all devices/ geos. 

  • Media: Deriving TQ scores for publishers using machine-learning algorithms.

  • Brand Lift: Increase brand awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent measured through data platforms, Nielsen and Kantar. 

Optimization leads to best results to drive your branding objectives.

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